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Campus de Beaulieu, bâtiments 22 et 23
263 avenue du Général Leclerc, CS 74205
35042 RENNES Cédex

Tél : +33 223236670
Fax : +33 223235464

Directions to the Beaulieu Campus

The main location of the IRMAR laboratory is on the Beaulieu campus, in building 22-23.

Map of Rennes
Map of the campus

There are buses and subways from downtown, the train station and from the airport to the campus.

  • From downtown : take the bus C4 or C6 at République or Pasteur to Tournebride (Footpath from Tournebride : about 10 minutes).
  • From the train station : take the subway line b - direction Viasilva to Beaulieu University
  • From the airport : take the direct line C6 all the way to Tournebride, or change to subway line b at Saint-Jacques - Gaîté.

The bus tickets can be bought on board (1,5€ for one hour), subway tickets can be bought at stations.

Map of the subway line a and line b
Map of the bus network
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Footpath from subway stop Beaulieu University to IRMAR (about 5 minutes).

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A multi-site institute

The IRMAR is multi-site: its researchers are located on the Beaulieu campus (Université de Rennes 1, INRIA, INSA Rennes), the Villejean campus (Université de Rennes 2), Institut Agro Rennes-Angers, as well as the Ker Lann campus (ENS Rennes, DGA, ENSAI).


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