Opérateurs déformés en plusieurs variables

The aim of my presentation is to give an overview of the results I obtained during the first year of my PhD. The theory of $q$-differences equations appeared a long time ago with the Birkhoff's work. It is well understood in the complex setting. In 2004, Lucia Di Vizio and Yves André, in the paper $q$-differences and p-adic local monodromy, gave an equivalence between certain type of $q$-differences equations and a certain type of classical differential equations in the p-adic setting. Recently, Adolfo Quiros, Bernard Le Stum and Michel Gros have been working on a generalization of this result not looking only for $q$-differences equations but also twisted equations in general. The framework that they develop is working for equations in one variable. The goal of my thesis is to generalize those results in several variables.