Shorter Lattice-Based Fiat-Shamir Signatures

We present HAETAE (Hyperball bimodAl modulE rejecTion signAture schemE), a new lattice-based signature scheme, which we submitted to the Korean Post-Quantum
Cryptography Competition for standardization. Like the NIST-selected Dilithium signature scheme, HAETAE is based on the Fiat-Shamir with Aborts paradigm, but our design choices
target an improved complexity/compactness compromise that is highly relevant for many space-limited application scenarios. We primarily focus on reducing signature and verification key sizes so that signatures fit into one TCP or UDP datagram while
preserving a high level of security against a variety of attacks. As a result, our scheme has signature and verification key sizes up to 40% and 25% smaller, respectively, compared than Dilithium.