Brigitte Gelein

Enseignante en Statistique - Responsable du Master EDP à l'Ensai

B Gelein - Enseignante en Statistique  Ensai - Responsable du Master EDP

Adresse courriel : bgelein [at] ensai [dot] fr

Téléphone : +33 299053265

IRMAR et Ensai, Campus de Ker Lann, Rue Blaise Pascal, 35172 BRUZ CEDEX.
Bureau 180


[2] Gelein B., Chauvet G. (2019), Preserving the distribution function in surveys in case of imputation for zero inflated data,
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, accepted.
[1] Gelein, B., Haziza, D. and Causeur, D. (2014) Preserving relationships between variables with MIVQUE based imputation for missing survey data. Journal of Multivariate Analysis. 131, 197–208.

PhD 2017 : "Handling missing data with superpopulation model, design based approach and machine learning"