Theo Guyard

Doctorant à l'INSA (équipe Statistique de l'IRMAR) et à l'INRIA (équipe SIMSMART)


Adresse courriel : theo [dot] guyard [at] insa-rennes [dot] fr

Numéro de bureau : INSA, Bat. 2, Bureau 318

I am currently a PhD candidate at INSA and INRIA under the supervision of Cedric HerzetClement ElviraAyşe-Nur Arslan and James Ledoux. Before, I earned an Engineering degree (MSc. equivalent) in Applied Mathematics from INSA. There, I studied a wide range of applied mathematics fields such as Optimization, Machine Learning and Statistics, among many others. I also took a research option that allowed me to work with researchers for two years before obtaining my engineering degree.

Main research topics : 

  • Optimization (convex, non-convex, mixed-integer, ...)
  • Sparse problems
  • Screening methods
  • Machine learning
  • Signal processing

More on my personal website :